A Positive Influence

Episode 7: A Positive Influence

Nick Martin is an incredible young man, making a difference in others lives.

Show notes

It's inspiring to hear about Nick Martin's journey and the positive impact he's had on others. Transitioning from aspirations of becoming a forensic scientist to working as a probation officer shows his resilience and adaptability. His background in criminal justice and his dedication to helping others navigate the legal system is commendable. It’s clear that his positive attitude and caring nature have been significant assets in his career and personal life.

His work as a probation officer involves guiding individuals who have received probation, helping them to make positive changes in their lives. By focusing on the effort and commitment of those he helps, Nick emphasizes personal responsibility and growth. His story is a testament to how a positive mindset and a dedication to helping others can lead to fulfilling and impactful work.

Nick is married to an incredible young lady who is a physical therapist in the Germantown School District. They are parents to a young daughter, with another child on the way. Before getting married, Nick played baseball at Columbia Greene Community College and then continued his education at West Virginia University.

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Produced by Scott Stiverson, Jennifer Hammoud, and Matty Rosenberg. Edited by Scott Stiverson.

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Nick Martin

Nick Martin

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