A Worldly Perspective

Episode 9: A Worldly Perspective

A young lady came to our country for 5 months and became almost family

Show notes

Around 2014, this young lady traveled from Norway to New York. Her mother was completing part of her doctorate at Bard College, while her father took time away from his work as an archeologist. During the five months they spent in our country, she became a member of my class, and her family grew to feel like distant relatives.

In just five months, I came to know a charismatic and funny young lady who loved to perform. Her talent seemed limitless. Upon returning to Norway, she continued her education at a Waldorf School in Trondheim, embarking on a unique educational journey.

Now, she is finishing her last year of high school and plans to travel around Europe. Next year, she will attend a performing arts school for one year, after which her journey will lead her wherever her passions take her.

Produced by Scott Stiverson, Jennifer Hammoud, and Matty Rosenberg. Edited by Scott Stiverson.

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Embla Solheim

Embla Solheim

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