Now You See Me

Episode 2: Now You See Me

From social stress to a future PHD in Social Emotional Learnng

Show notes

Alleigh Szabo's journey from her early struggles with anxiety to her current trajectory toward earning a Ph.D. in Social Emotional Learning is truly inspiring. Despite facing internal battles and the pressure to conform to others' expectations during her younger years, she eventually found her authentic self and embraced her worth.

The transformation Alleigh underwent in high school, where she found friends who accepted her for who she truly was, marked a turning point in her life. It's evident that her college experience played a pivotal role, igniting her passion for research and driving her toward her current path in Social Emotional Learning.

Her commitment to using her past experiences, including the loss of a friend, to make a positive impact on others is commendable. By pursuing a Ph.D. and dedicating herself to educating others about the importance of SEL, Alleigh is not only advocating for change but also striving to implement it by influencing policies.

Alleigh Szabo is undoubtedly a shining star, and her story serves as a reminder of the resilience and determination that can lead to meaningful contributions to society. She is a person whose voice deserves to be heard, and her efforts in promoting social emotional learning will undoubtedly make a significant difference in the lives of many.

Produced by Scott Stiverson, Jennifer Hammoud, and Matty Rosenberg. Edited by Scott Stiverson.

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Alleigh Szabo

Alleigh Szabo

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